LAB Guard-M

Mobile Screen Security Solution

A post-tracking solution for tracking when mobile device screens are captured or screenshots are leaked

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The need for adoption

  • 1

    Increase in incidents of screen capture due to the expansion of mobile device types and the increase in cloud working environments

  • 2

    Need for tracking user information in case of information leakage due to camera capture

  • 3

    Difficulty in physical control of personal mobile devices and installation of separate security solutions

Solution Process

*Supports both Android and iOS


Solution Application

Customer's app SDK Implementation


Solution Operation

When the app is launched, the invisible watermark is automatically layered


User Leakage

Capturing and leaking mobile screen



Tracking users through invisible watermark codes

Solution Feature

  • Adjusting concentration

    Adjusting the concentration of invisible watermark according to policies

  • Policy management

    Setting invisible watermark for departments, personnel, etc. based on policies

  • Automatic execution

    Automatic layering of invisible watermark when the app is launched

  • Inaccessible to users

    Non-administrator users cannot delete or alter invisible watermark

The ultimate advantage

Resistant to capturing LAB Guard-M

  • General shooting

    General shooting

    Even when capturing the mobile screen with a camera, tracking is possible

  • Partial shooting

    Partial shooting

    Even if only a portion of the screen is enlarged and partially captured, tracking is still possible

  • Multi-shot


    Re-shooting the captured photos does not prevent tracking

  • External disseminated images

    External disseminated images

    Images spread on messengers, communities, etc., can also be tracked

Demonstration Video

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